The Forward Studies Unit


The Forward Studies is located at the building of the Latvian Academy of Sciences in Riga. There for official purposes the Unit uses an office of the Latvian Union of Scientists (LUS).


The LUS, independent, non-profit body of scientists of Latvia, was founded in 1988 to apply social and organizational, research and development activities. The membership comprises about four and half hundred highly qualified specialists in science, research and education areas.

In February 2003, the Board of LUS adopted the programme proposal of its members to establish the Forward Studies Unit (FSU) to start future studies and foresight exercises and to become involved in European level activities. The role of Latvia in the enlarged EU is on agenda.

Functional targets

Creating of learning space

Coordination of research and other activities


Information production



The research staff of the Unit is of:

Dr. Arturs Puga (Head)

Dr.hab. Andrejs Silins

Dr.hab. Janis Strauchmanis

Dr.hab. Arnolds Ubelis

Since its beginning the Forward Studies donates their creativity, time and energy performing research and educational activities. It is, in fact, community of practice conducting research, publication and dissemination free of charge.

In the framework of LUS the Forward Studies Unit is active or going to be involved in the following fields:

Skills development and lifelong learning in RTD sector and high-tech industry

Future studies and foresight in higher education

Latvia in an Enlarged Europe towards sustainable development

Techno-economic knowledge and innovation interface for SME's in Latvia

Screening (inventory) of human and material resources in RTD sector and needs

Social foresight

Forward Studies' Projects


Forward Studies Unit
The Latvian Union of Scientists
Akademijas laukums 1 - 611 A
Riga, Latvia, LV-1524

Email (Head of Unit, Dr.Arturs Puga) (Coordinator for ESTO, Dr.Arnolds Ubelis)


Telefax +371 7589623 (Dr.A.Puga)

Tel +371 7229727, Fax +371 7034513 (Dr.A.Ubelis)

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